Monday, August 12, 2013

Tableau Menu Navigation using Parameters

I didn't see a good example of using Tableau "Parameters" to create navigation systems. I could have sworn there were some good ones out there; so if you have any, post them in the comments section.

The basic trick is to

  • place number of records and a parameter onto a sheet called "navigator".
  • On various dashboards, create a Tableau Action, source is this navigator sheet, target is the destination dashboard, filters are set to "leave filter", fields are set to "all", and the action is of type "menu".
  • You will need to create lots and lots of these. Each menu to each dashboard from each source...

Download the workbook shown below if you want to reverse engineer it

1 comment:

Rishi Sharma said...


I like your idea for creating the navigation on the dashboard.

I have been looking at many as of now but found your idea very practical and less space consuming.

However i am not able to replicate the same.

Can you please share the step by step approach, it will be really helpful.

Appreciate your help and time.