Monday, August 12, 2013

Tableau Menu Navigation using Parameters

I didn't see a good example of using Tableau "Parameters" to create navigation systems. I could have sworn there were some good ones out there; so if you have any, post them in the comments section.

The basic trick is to

  • place number of records and a parameter onto a sheet called "navigator".
  • On various dashboards, create a Tableau Action, source is this navigator sheet, target is the destination dashboard, filters are set to "leave filter", fields are set to "all", and the action is of type "menu".
  • You will need to create lots and lots of these. Each menu to each dashboard from each source...

Download the workbook shown below if you want to reverse engineer it


Rishi Sharma said...


I like your idea for creating the navigation on the dashboard.

I have been looking at many as of now but found your idea very practical and less space consuming.

However i am not able to replicate the same.

Can you please share the step by step approach, it will be really helpful.

Appreciate your help and time.

mounika r said...

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