Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get Your Brasil On

Two years ago I wrote two posts about Brazilian geocoding and mapping here and here. Since that time, the Brazilian government website seems to have removed their city level shapefiles, or at least, I cannot find them. LUCKILY, I kept a copy of the polygon data set that I created.

Shown below is the entire country. Click a state to drill down. There are no metrics in this data set. The assumption here is that you will use data blending for your analysis. I also make no warrants or guarantees about the accuracy of the polygon data or about how up to date the boundaries are.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tableau Menu Navigation using Parameters

I didn't see a good example of using Tableau "Parameters" to create navigation systems. I could have sworn there were some good ones out there; so if you have any, post them in the comments section.

The basic trick is to

  • place number of records and a parameter onto a sheet called "navigator".
  • On various dashboards, create a Tableau Action, source is this navigator sheet, target is the destination dashboard, filters are set to "leave filter", fields are set to "all", and the action is of type "menu".
  • You will need to create lots and lots of these. Each menu to each dashboard from each source...

Download the workbook shown below if you want to reverse engineer it

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tableau Measurement Conversions

There are lots and lots of measurement converter utilities out there - in javascript, perl, html, asp, java, whatever - but I haven't seen one in Tableau yet!

So here you go :) ...enjoy!