Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Revisiting Sparklines in Tableau

In the Seattle Times print edition (various days), there is a interesting micro chart in the business section which, for a 52 week stock price range, shows a circle on a range of "low to high". (I cannot seem to find an online example of this chart)... It's really a 0 to 100 percentile. The circle is the last price of the stock, and the range is the lowest to highest for the date range. At a glance you can get a sense of where the stock currently is along the date spectrum. I have recreated that concept below. Also thrown in is a sparkline. These viz make use of Tableau Table Calculations, of course.

This viz is set to 400x150 - nice and micro! - the concept could be quite useful for online media outlets. Download the workbook to study the solution. Enjoy!




Have you ever been success in getting a sparkline to work in a cross tab?

Been trying to play around with having Date, single Dimension, and a single Measure all in a cross tab then add another column based on date/measure for the sparkline. Keep in mind creating two separate viz's wouldn't work as the number of dimensions are dynamic and quite numerous.

I've seen some ideas but none seem to work correctly. Curious if you have a solution you've identified.

mo said...

not quite a crosstab - but here's something similar