Thursday, June 6, 2013

Filtering Measure Names via URL

I love learning something new. We stumbled across the fact that you can filter the special "measure names" dimension via URL. I am sure this is not supported by Tableau, but it appears to work great. A few things to worry about:

  1. It starts with &[:Measure%20Names] - take note of the colon in there!
  2. You need the internal name of the data source, not the display name - see example below

Here is an example URL:[:Measure%20Names]=[excel.41431.369623564817].[sum:Cost:qk]

"excel.41431.369623564817" is the name of my datasource. "Cost" is one of the measures. Enjoy!


Aashish Baldwa said...

How do i find the internal name of my datasource ?
All i see if display name.
My datasource is a SQL query extract

Unknown said...

Where did you get the internal datasource name, in tableau desktop 2018.1?