Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Aaaaaaannnd, we're back!

I took so much time off from Tableau stuff that I had to go back and bone up on my table calc-ing. I've put together a collection of "statistics" type calculations. Some of these are Tableau classics, some of them are mundane, some are newish, and some of them are downright stupid and not recommended (which is of course why I created them)



Hello said...

Welcome back and thanks for the stats! Excellent!

Edwin Leung said...

Question (great stuff by the way), how did you make a drop down of the various dashboards?

northwestcoder said...

It's just javascript and has nothing to do with the viz or Tableau. If you view html source on this page you'll be able to research it.

Linette Young said...

I am brand new to Tableau version 10, and this is my first day after training working on my own. I need to calculate mode from a series of numbers, and this post seems to be the most simple and relevant for what I need. Unfortunately the trainer didn't know how to calculate mode (had training last week) and none of my support staff at work understand tableau well enough to help me.

If you have the time and inclination, please hold my hand and walk me through this.

"In Tableau we can use Table Calcs to find the Window_Max Value of COUNT"

I looked in Table Calcs and I can find "Window Max", but not Window Max value of count". Do you tweak the Window Max equation? What do you do? Could you write out the expression for me so I can copy and paste?

Thank you in advance

northwestcoder said...

Linette, normally I don't respond to comments here because this blog is dormant, but for an unrelated reason this topic is relevant, so here goes: Forgot all the complex ways of doing this (there are a few), and just use a "Tableau Bin" on your measure. Set the bin size to "1" and then create a sorted bar chart of your bin along with "number of records". This is the easiest way to find the mode of a measurement (the most frequent value). Here's a working example which you can download:


Good luck!

Linette Young said...

Thank you very much!