Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No Taxation without Representation

I've been meaning to create a tax adjustment calculator. I started with the 2009 IRS summary data here and then created a "change the tax rate" scenario.

As I type this, I remain firmly neutral to this issue. However, it is interesting to note that even the smallest changes in tax percentage points add up to significant overall changes. Ask yourself: what can 1 billion dollars provide if handled properly by the US government? How about a 100 billion?

Download the workbook to pick away at it, change it, improve it, or scoff at it. It is by no means perfect. Just an idea that I wanted to mess around with. The last tab contains more references. Each tab has a quick comment on what's going on.


Tom Brown said...


It's been emotional. I can't believe you're really leaving us in the dark.

We're all out here trying to make this stuff work everyday and until now, we've known that Mr Smithee will get us out of the holes we dig ourselves into.

Seriously, HUGE thanks for all the help you've provided via this blog and personally - the Tableau community is without doubt worse off for your absence, but we'll stay strong!!


Andy said...

Ty, you're not allowed to stop. That's it, you don't have permission.

Thanks for all you do and the inspiration you've provided.