Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Team Geiger

There's a team over at Tableau, a bunch of young viz hooligans messing up the BI program. They got tired of being asked over and over again "how many chart types can Tableau make?"

Thus did they gather around the warm fires of the viz furnace, hammered away they did on the anvils of analysis - and when they were done, Lo, Verily, they put this book together to answer that question. Team Geiger rides again in 2011.


Russian Sphinx said...

Perfect! how long does it take to create all Tableau charts and maps? :)

Naomi B. Robbins said...

I object to the question. It assumes that one starts with chart types and then fits their data to the chart type. One should start with the data and think about the best way to present the data. Often some calculations or other methods will allow an appropriate plot that doesn’t show up in the list of chart types.

Mr Yap said...

thks for putting these together. I can't seems to download the data that drive the chart type.

Russian Sphinx said...

Mr Yap,

I had the same problem :( but I have a bit slow internet so it can also be fault of my internet connection :(