Monday, March 22, 2010

Forcing a Sort in Tableau

Note: this is largely depricated by Tableau v7.0 and later... Dynamic sorting is difficult in any application, regardless of the technology. There are business and logical reasons why this is the case. Using Tableau, there are often several ways to effectively "sort" information, and no one method is "better" or "worse" than other methods - it's purely the business situation which will dictate this. In the example below, there are several converging Tableau concepts at work, including: nested sorting, sets, hidden data, quick table calculations, calculated fields, and some light formatting. What is particularly interesting about this example is the use of hidden data to maintain accuracy with the "percent of total" calc, without losing an effective sorting mechanism.

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Richard said...

Any downside with using a RAWSQL expression instead of hard-coding the sum of all sales?

NorthwestCoder said...

no, that should work as well. Using the sample superstore data that ships with tableau, you could have a pass through calculation which looks like this:

RAWSQLAGG_REAL("select SUM([Sales]) from [Orders$]")

chowdary said...

Nice Question.

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