Friday, February 26, 2010

Who is Alan Smithee?

Alan Smithee is the fake name used by film and movie directors when they want to completely disassociate themselves from the final production of their movie or film... much like I desire to disassociate myself from this blog!! :)

A list of potentially terrible movies directed by "Alan Smithee" is located here.

Alan Smithee's Bio is located here.

ALL content on this blog is specifically authored and controlled by the one and only Alan Smithee.


Russian Sphinx said...

Nice to meet you Alan, not-Alan

Vamsi Cherukuri said...

Hi Alan,

I follow you on tableau public and saw some interesting workbook you created on tracing SQL in tableau.

we are looking to trace a SQL generated by users's click or navigation on the published dashboards on the tableau server as we are health client we need to supervise all the users who accessing Patient health information.
Can you able to share the 'SQLTracingIn Tableau' dashboard ?

Thank you,
Vamsi, Cherukuri