Friday, February 19, 2010

Table of Contents in Tableau

You can create a table of contents and then use that as a data source and actionable link on a Tableau Dashboard. In the example below, I started with an excel file which contained the Name, Author, and URL for various visuals already on the web. I then connected to this excel file in Tableau, and created a dashboard where the action target is the URL of the visual.

Just for fun, I set all of the links to use the PNG picture output of the original visual. You can always create a dynamically generated PNG image from any Tableau visual simply be adding ".png" to the end of the URL. The same concept applies for PDF output.

Select a row below to view the PNG output of the original visual. Go to Tableau Public to view any of the original visualizations, all of which are interactive.


Craig said...

is there a way to build a favorite links library with multiple tags in Tableau. i use excel now but it has become very cumbersome. thanks

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